Wieweit ist die Integration von Ausländern in der BRD gelungen? (German Edition)

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Ich werde versuchen es zu uebersetzen. Leider schreibt sie kein genauses Jath. Die massen Vertreibung der deutschen von Ost-Deutschland am Ende des Krieges hat zu einer unmessbaren Tragoedige gefuert die Generation erfasst hat. Millionen von Familien waren getrennt.

Millions of families were separated. For years, in an attempt to reunite them, the Red Cross aired hours of daily search programs on the radio, which cited last known places of the missing persons, family members, missing German soldiers, POW camps, as well as the numerous Siberian forced labor camps. So kann ich an meinem Buch der Lebensgeschichte weiter arbeiten. Aus Spass sagt man auch manchmal ich schreibe ein Mal dahin. Was aber im Deutschen Reich Tatsache war. Am Hallo Rainer, Entschuldige bitte das ich mich jetzt erst melde.

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Leider kann ich keine deutschen sendungen sehen, aber es waehre interesant zu wissen ob es die Sendungen auch auf DVD gibt? Der provisorische Titel meines Buches lautet, sofern der Lektor damit einverstanden ist? Die Recherche Nr. Somit wird die Wahrheitssuche immer Schwieriger. Weltkrieg aus.

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Die Wirtschaftskrise in den 20er Jahren, ist beinahe mit der Eurokrise vergleichbar, Die Arbeitnehmer verlieren ihre Arbeitsstelle…. In der Wahrheitsfindung kam ich etwas weiter, obwohl immer noch Fragen offen sind.

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Hallo Rainer, dir auch ein gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest, wenn auch etwas verspaetet. Ein gesegnetes neues Jahr und viel Erfolg mit deinem Buch und ich hoffe du findest trotz allem noch mehr information. My father was a german soldier in WW2 on the Eastern Front and was taken by the Russians as a prisoner of war in Many of his fellow soldiers died but he was one of the lucky ones.

He resorted to fighting for his life, eg.


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He was He was moved around several prison camps and ended up working in coal mines. He has many stories to tell and I think I would like to write his story.

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Vater kam in Eutin Norddeutschland auf die Welt. Father came into Eutin Northern Germany into the world.

This book appeared in the Limmat publishing house cooperative Zurich Over sides with many documentations and photos. Unfortunately I cannot write report on your text. All property in the new year ! Today would have I unite questions: 1. Was cost a driving lesson for truck in Hamburg to , could this at that time Stallbur afford?

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Are there coworker lists of custodian, which stood in the service of the SS and implemented other acts beneath human dignity, which worked into the KZ? On all questions I received to today no answer. Finally he was released and sent to Canada. My great uncle died a few years ago. He was in the Hitler Youth and was quite the marksman but worked as an ambulance driver during the war.

I often wonder if he really was an ambulance driver, or perhaps a sniper that killed a few Russians. Approximate translation from Yahoo Babelfish: At the Since it was possibly with the armed forces there in this area in use and also fell? Das ganze dauerte fast 2 Jahre bis sie entlich die Unterlagen erhielt. Ich wuerde trotzdem mal nachfragen ob sie schon deine papere erhalten haben und das nichts verloren gegangen ist.

Es muss doch eine Ansprech person geben die dir sagen kann wieweit sie in der Bearbeitung sind. My sister had requested the military documents of my majority father in Berlin. The whole took nearly 2 years to it entlich the documents received. I will nevertheless times inquire whether it your papere to have received and the nothing was lost. It must give nevertheless a Ansprech person you to say can to what extent it in the treatment is.

Diese Firma kennt niemand! Vater verliess Deutschland, und lebte immer mit einer grossen Angst? Als Kind bemerkt man die grosse Unsicherheit —- welches Erwachsene ausstrahlen. Approximate translation from Yahoo Babelfish: Thanks for your reference. By a national memorial place in Germany I experienced that my father was Nazi member — and I was to inquire in Berlin —, beautifully, but 80 years waiting period is also for me, much to for a long time.

Actually the memorial places know which persons were responsible for their KZ. This company does not know anybody! Father left Germany, and always lived with a large fear? As a child one notices the large uncertainty — — which adult radiate.

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Particularly if they have to possibly hide something. Wenn nicht war man ja verdaechtig. Ich denke da er in Deutschland lebte und Arbeitete musste er beitreten oder womoeglich seine Arbeit verlieren oder zurueck in die Schweiz. Obwohl es merkwuerdich ist das mein einer Opa keinen Vater nachweisen konnte da keiner auf seiner Geburtsurkunde eingetragen ist. Aber er war Berufssoldat und war schon in der Armee als es noch das Preussischen Heer war.

PS: Rainer, hast du es mal mit der deutschen Kriegsgraeber Fuehrsorge versucht? Die haben eine web Seite. Approximate translation from Yahoo Babelfish: did you try it times with the German war graves leading concern? Those have Web a side. Antwort zu Ich bin immer noch der geleichen Meinung, wie vorher, mein Vater war ein Nazi im Dienste von Deutschland. Niemand kennt Vater so gut wie ich, und ich bleibe dabei, bis ich alles in Erfahrung gebracht habe, oder auch nicht.

Ein Schweizer der als Arzt Spitzenmediziner bei Hitler war. I am still gel-calibrate opinion, like before, my father was a Nazi in the service of Germany. Nobody knows father as well as I, and I remain thereby, until I got to know everything, or also not.

A Swiss as a physician of the point medical profession with Hitler was. Was mich erleichtert. Approximate translation from Yahoo Babelfish Answer to the point Since the largest part of the original documents before the delivery of the camp to the British was vernichet of the SS, there are no appropriate documents over the personnel. In the course of different Forschungenen we succeeded in the course of the years determining the largest part of these names but this list is surely not completely complete. It can become thus not completely excluded that your father was active in the KZ mountain Belsen, appears however rather improbably ….

Which facilitates me. Kind regards to all the people who have subscribed to this forum. It has been very interesting and informative. He was not released until A few years later he was charged in a German Court for a murdr that he was supposed to have committed in Siberia of a fellow German POW. He was aquited. I have tried to find any information on this on the Web but with my schlechtes Deustch I have found nothing. Can anybody tell me where such records would be held in Germany — records of such court cases.

Hi Bob, You might need a little more info to find more on your uncle. Do you now where he was charged, east or west germany? You would probably have to request a paper copy.

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My sister got my grandfather miltitar records from the Bundes Archive in Berlin, but had to proof her relationship. So if you have a little more details I can try to help you, or if you already found something but need a translation let me know. My Uncle had returned from Siberia in He was living near Ulm in Southern Germany when he was charged and I do not know which court he appeared in. He was originaly sentenced as a POW to the Gulag.

Es tut mir leid, Eure Schreiben kann ich leider nicht lesen. Bob Versucht Informationen ueber seinen Onkel der von Sibirien nach der Gefangenschaft entlassen wurde zu finden. Nach ein paar Jahren in Deutschland wurde sein Onkel des Mordes angeklagt. Wurde aber freigesprochen. Der Mord solte an einem anderen gefangen waehrent der gefangenschaft in Russland vorgefallen sein. I empfahl auch ein Buch uber Deautsche gefangen in Russland.

Mein Onkel ist in diesem Buch genannt??? It is about Soviet prizoners of war in German concentration camps, that were recruited into the SS. It turns out that they would catch Jews, shelter them, sometime dressing them in their uniforms in order to spirit them out of the country. The married local women, and had children there. Tried to defect to the British, but were denied. After the war, they were forcefully sent to the USSR.