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Tom, has been at the nest how for about 10 minutes. Audrey finally gets up to let him see their kids! She steps aside as if to show how proud she is! Then soon after she got up to give him full view he flew off. These are the cutest babies ever! What a beautiful area at the UK webcam! Downton Abbey in the background! Did you notice that those adult birds are mottled like our Tom? These two have a job to do… and they do it. They had eggs to hatch and they persevered.

Now, despite the fact that humans have been at their nest some birds might abandon a nest after such an intrusion! There are chicks to be raised. Tom catches fish. Audrey shelters and feeds the chicks. Tom no longer belongs in the nest. Audrey gets fed next. I do recall that some of us who watch last year — like Kathy and the Fuller Sisters… So nice to have this continuity of community!

COM reminded us that there was a underlying order that makes great sense in the bigger picture. Just think: they could simply be enjoying the osprey nest off the edge of their lovely property. Instead, they invite the world to share the enjoyment, going above and beyond even that generosity to provide running commentary and photographs to fill in the picture beyond the Osprey cam through this blog.

COM not only writes entries, but answers our questions and takes the time to simply be kind and encouraging. My life is certainly richer for this opportunity.

Thanks to all of you whose postings help to make it a community! Blessings to you. What a blessing we have.. I thought they took turns… and last but not least Kathy I have no trouble reading the type you use in fact it is easier for me to read and maybe we all should go to CAPS.. Audrey even looked at it very closely and then layed down over it leaving the obnoxious one out! I pray that little one is okay. The smaller one looked up just now when she stood; hopefully it will get enough each day to grow and keep up.

Did she get in the middle of the brawl? Poor thing. I watched this behavior with the eaglets and when one gets a good blow to the other the one recieving the blow will play dead and lay down to end the fight. After a few minutes the one laying down gets back up like nothing ever happened. I noticed yesterday that one chick is very aggressive.

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The poor sibling was being picked on quite a bit. I got concerned also when the the little one fell over and stopped moving. It looks like she needs to get up and flex her wings to get those feathers back where they belong.

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Hope both babies do well……. No falcons in sight right now, they are too busy these days! Is there a cam or web site for the Poplar Island nest these two baby ospreys came from, so we can see how the other two are doing also? Alabama ospreys at Wolf Bay are getting so big, what a beautiful backdrop Wolf Bay makes. Ospreyzone cam featured on Fox5 with their new babies is also a good cam to watch…very close up, saw the babies eat yesterday am before work…….. Happy Thursday to all!

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Is that a flight feather sticking out on Audrey? I have been watching her for awhile now and she will close her eyes and bow down over babies, looks like something may be bothering her……is she ok? If an osprey expert is reading this, please give some insight….. I am too worried! It is SO amazing and wonderful to see how Audrey has literally taken these 2 chicks under her wings and treats them exactly like her own babies.

It brings tears to my eyes when I think of how my wife and I adopted a 9 mnth old boy, now 29 , and how we loved and raised him the same way… i. What a great experience. Birds can get a good sleep in 30 seconds!

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They also rest their neck muscles that way. Of course, watching the chicks.. Others seemed concerned about the chicks taking so long to be fed—in the article from the CC it was mentioned that the chicks were being fed before they were even put into the nest with fresh menhaden so they would be fine. I am just so very, very happy that chicks were found!!!! I am in great spirits to see they were easily accepted. Tom and Audrey were flying so close to Mr.

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She could be molting several as well and they came loose during that time. Love to all! Thanks for your post Linda…. I am beginning to relax a bit now and enjoy seeing the babies with Audrey and Tom…. I hope I can tune in to a feeding soon! I have missed them so far….. Is Audrey moulting? Maybe that is the reason for the one white feather sticking out.

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It is such a joy watching her fuss over the two chicks, and a blessing to be able to watch nature renewing itself. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to share thoughts and comments with fellow bird watchers from all over the country, and world! Tom brought in a big fish for lunch! Audrey ate a bit and is now feeding the chicks. Tom flew in to take a peek at the chicks. Audrey was nice enough to get up and show them off. She took a quick fly away and then back again.

Thought she was going to relinquish chicks to Tom. Not happening today, so far!


Tom just brought in a nice size fish and Audrey is eating and feeding while Tom is on guard duty! Audrey is letting Tom stick around longer.. Tom brought a fish between 4 — pm — stood by on the nest purveying the kingdom whilst mom fed herself and the babies. Audrey and the babies have settled down — was a big meal for the little ones. Get ready Audrey!!! Has anyone seen the falcons and their 3 chicks in the last few days? I saw one falcon chick this morning about came running into view, hopped in the nest box area, preened, and ran back out of view!