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The BFG : The evil giants all have deep, booming voices. Also played with the hero Jack Skellington, as he uses a deep voice both for his more creepy scenes and when he tries to be Santa. Films — Live-Action. Xerxes in also had his voice deepened, to the point of sounding inhuman. Then again, he's also nine feet tall.

Justified in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Lois Einhorn has a rather low vocal register compared to other women in the film , hinting that the lieutenant is a man disguised as a woman. When people are tripping on the Scarecrow's drug, they perceive others including the Scarecrow himself, of course as evil monsters with inhumanly deep voices. While the Joker's voice is usually high-pitched and nasally, he goes surprisingly low for his choice lines, such as, "Look at me!

The only character to play it constantly straight is Henri Ducard, aka the real Ra's Al-Ghul , portrayed by Liam Neeson with his usual deep, husky voice. Played with in Burn After Reading , when Brad Pitt 's character attempts to act menacing by narrowing his eyes and lowering his voice. Unfortunately, he keeps forgetting and reverting back to his normal speech. Hilarity Ensues. The evil dragon's human Dragon no pun intended is the best example check it out at here. Demon-possessed Regan in The Exorcist has a very loud, deep bellow, like getting yelled at by a truck horn.

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Shadow, being more or less evil incarnate, has the requisite very deep voice. Sartoris in The Final Sacrifice has a rather deep voice, humorously altered in post-production. Dana Barrett's voice when possessed by Zuul in Ghostbusters Joe: The Rise of Cobra : The Doctor's voice is half crazy snake and half Darth Vader, and he manages to drop it an octave lower when he upgrades to Cobra Commander and dons the new mask. It's no less deep or menacing in the sequel, G. Joe: Retaliation , even though he's played by a different actor who's dubbed over. Thanos, Ronan, and Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Heartpower children's educational video ends with a Villain Song sung by Tobacco Man, a guy who looks like a bum, has cigarettes all over his costume, and raps in a super-baritone voice. His attempts to get the kids in the video to smoke fail, and they ultimately defeat him by telling him to buzz off, after a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.

When he realizes they're never gonna bite, he escapes in an explosive puff of smoke. The Kurgan, of Highlander fame. The Hobbit : Smaug absolutely qualifies for this trope.

So does Azog the Defiler, who has a low, growling voice. Hot Shots! Part Deux : Parodied and subverted. During his lightsaber battle with the President , Saddam speaks with a raspy Darth-Vader esque voice. He then uses an inhaler, and starts speaking in a normal voice. In Kill Bill GoGo Yubari first uses a stereotypical high-pitched girlish voice as well as looking cheerful when she introduces herself to The Bride but then when she takes on a serious expression, her pitch drops rather dramatically.

And you thought he was scary normally. The male vampire at the end when he talks to Col. Nathan: deep So Rotti thinks he can take Shilo from me. Shilo: Dad? Nathan: normal Nothing, Shilo, nothing. Go to bed. Aries in Greystone Valley is described as having a voice like a rumbling volcano.

Harry Potter likes to play with this. Inverted with Voldemort , who is described as having a high, cold voice. He does , however, have a deep voice in the films, wherein he's played by Ralph Fiennes. Subverted with Snape , who has a deep, ominous voice portrayed by Alan Rickman in the films , since Snape is intended to appear evil, or at least dark and brooding, right up to the end.

Oh-so-inverted with Umbridge. Played straight with Runcorn, one of Umbridge's cronies in the seventh book's villain-run Ministry. His chief characteristic is his deep, intimidating voice. When Harry uses Polyjuice Potion to impersonate him, he finds the voice very useful for giving orders.

In The Dunwich Horror by H.

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Lovecraft , Wilbur Whateley spoke with a frighteningly low voice. Justified in that he grew more than twice as fast as any other child and reached a height of seven feet among other things. The H. Lovecraft Historical Society "radio play" of the story electronically pitched the actor's voice to Goa'uld levels. The narrator does mention that Wilbur sounded like his voice-producing organs were somehow different from a normal human's - which, naturally, they were.

In Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor , Cronal, unseen by his troops or his enemy, called himself Lord Shadowspawn and had his wheezy old man voice amplified and made deep. Luke thinks of it more than once as a "faux-Vader" voice. Death from the Discworld is definitely a subversion; he's not nearly as bad as he looks or sounds.

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Doubly so in the animated miniseries of Wyrd Sisters and Soul Music , where he's voiced by Christopher Lee , who practically based his career around the trope. The demon in the animation of Wyrd Sisters has an extremely deep and gravelly voice Which is subverted as he in contrast to the book switches back to his natural voice when Granny threatens him into dropping the theatrics. Said voice is high-pitched with a notable lisp and sounds like a stereotypical theatre actor.

The Doctor Who Eighth Doctor Adventures have an antagonist called Sabbath, who, due to not-exactly-evil motives and frequent Enemy Mine situations, is about as non-evil as you can get when you perform Meatgrinder Surgery and continually try to screw up The Multiverse. His voice, described as a "low rumble" and a "resonant bass", gives him villain points, though.

Extra villain points for the fact that it functions as a mild, mundane version of Charm Person. It probably goes along with the Stout Strength and "hands like hams". When the High Seekers in the Emberverse really want to intimidate, they'll let loose a deep voice that borders on the aural equivalent of Alien Geometries.

In the "present day" of the franchise, he has since become Abaddon the Despoiler , Warmaster of the Black Legion. As such, he is the closest thing the Chaos Space Marines have to a cohesive leader. The Sword of Truth : Emperor Jagang is described to have a "deep, grating voice". Averted with Darken Rahl, who has a "clear, almost liquid" voice It only works halfway on her. Ma'el Koth from The Acts of Caine has a voice that is usually described as rumbling.

Animorphs - The Crayak, a malevolent godlike alien and the Ellimist's opposite number, has a voice so low Jake feels like it's shaking him apart when they meet in person. Lord Foul in the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant is described as having a voice that's inhumanly vast, deep, and dripping with raw contempt, compared to what it might sound like if an abyss were speaking. Live-Action TV. Played for Laughs in an All That sketch called Bridget's Slumber Party; the goth girl Claudia, who has supernatural powers, would often talk in a demonic voice especially if she was angry.

Also, in the Poetry with Claudia short which had her read poetry to children, she would alternate the lines of the rhymes to sound creepy - at the end, she would scare the kids by saying the final line in a demonic voice. Angel Recording: Hi, you've reached the Tittles.

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We can't come to the phone right now. If you wanna leave a message for Christine, press one. For Bentley, press two.

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Holtz: You don't believe me? Wesley: Hm, not sure, could be the low scary voice that's giving me trouble. Willow: Get Out! Host: Thankfully, to date, none of Them have got in. Them: That's not the right answer. Nick Cave. Inverted with Tom Waits when he wants to be creepy, he usually goes for a higher voice. It has a very deep and frightening voice repeat the title over and over again, while the music around him slowly but surely goes berserk.

In the context of the play it is meant to be music for a Satanic ritual.

Stabilize and harmonize with Earth.

DMX 's Damien songs occasionally fall in to this, especially when Damien reveals his evil nature— "You sold me your soul when you didn't say 'no'. Just let a human with dark skin go? Well, give me what you owe! In ''The Coolest', the last seven words of "The ones that had deadbeat daddies, and well-to-do mommas, but not well enough to keep 'em from us Played straight with the original incarnation of the Psychopathic Records supergroup Dark Lotus , where the darkest lyrics were delivered by deep, gravelly voiced rapper Marz.