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Ripping the Guardian's front open and allowing him to slowly bleed to death, Nekron allows Black Hand to gather up his organs and use them to summon the Entity of Life, which had apparently been buried beneath the Earth eons ago by the Guardians in order to preserve it from being exploited.

Major Story Arcs

All of the Guardians feel the collective pain inflicted by Nekron on the White Entity, though are powerless to stop it, or to prevent Sinestro from bonding with the Entity soon afterwards. When Nekron is defeated by the White Lantern Corps. Following the Blackest Night, the remaining 6 Guardians returned to Oa to oversee the reconstruction efforts on the Citadel. They allow an audience between themselves, Salaak, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, and Arisia, the latter of whom immediately punches a male Guardian in the face. The Guardians explain that they were in the vega system when Yat and Arisia were fighting Mongul, and that Scar was the one who stopped Yat tapping into the Ion power, which Arisia had formerly been assuming the entire Guardian Council had done.

Kyle Rayner also makes some pointed remarks on their recent behavior during the Blackest Night, and flat out demands several changes, which the Guardians consider after they leave. The Guardians begin to order Salaak to maintain the distinction between them and the Lanterns, when he displays an unexpected show of opposition. The Guardians agree unanimously to remove the law forbidding romantic relationships between Lanterns, the most controversial of the new laws passed, which Scar had previously had masterfully installed to weaken the Corps in preparation for the Blackest Night.

Even Guy Gardner comments "Heh, looks like the blue meanies do have some heart left after all". The Guardians are confronted by Ganthet, who resigns from his position as a Guardian of the Universe. At first, the Guardians do not understand, pointing out that he was a Blue Lantern Guardian.

The Guardians are dismayed by this decision, citing their alarmingly depleted number as a reason for him to remain with them. One of them even says, apparently trying to argue him back into the fold, that it has always been an ill omen when a Guardian takes a name, pointing out Appa Ali Apsa, Scar, and even Sayd. Ganthet is not persuaded, and counters that the Guardians have become too detached from those they are protecting, and that he'd rather help those close to him, than preside over billions he would never know or understand.

Ganthet apologises if he has confused any of them by his decision, and begs that they do something it is nearly impossible for immortals to do; have faith in him. The Guardians, a little sadly, respect his decision, and wish him well, asking him in return to tell them what he discovers, and that he should not underestimate their ability to understand.

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A male Guardian remarks that they will need a ring for their newest Lantern, though Ganthet replies that there is no need, and creates one for himself, with a battery, from the Forge. Ganthet would later remark to Guy Gardner about how accepting of Ganthet's decision the Guardians seemed to be. The Guardians next summon John Stewart to them.

Stewart, believing himself to be in trouble since he was brought to their presence by the wishes of Alpha Lantern Boodika, is apprehensive, and asks if he's in trouble for something. A female Guardian asks him why he should think that, and a male informs him that, quite the reverse, Boodika requires him for advice, given John's military expertise. It later turns out that the Alpha Lanterns had been controlled by the Cyborg Superman. Guy Gardner, after chasing a number of weapons dealers heading for unknown space, has an audience with the Guardians, and expresses his opinion that the Guardians should authorise a Lantern exploration of these unknown sectors, and bring them under Green Lantern protection.

The Guardians seem to consider for a moment, as Gardner begins making warnings that he's ready to sit there all day and argue his point, when unexpectedly, the Guardians agree to his proposal, and ask when he can be ready to lead the exploration.

Guardians of the Universe

The Guardians also show confusion when Gardner asks them if they're punking him. Again, Gardner and Ganthet remark later on this odd acquiescence the Guardians seem to have developed. During Hal Jordan's time on Earth, Salaak notices that his ring is not transmitting his activities. He relays this information to the Guardians, who initially wish for the Alpha Lanterns to be sent to investigate. Salaak however, suggests that the Alphas are not yet recovered from their domination by Hank Henshaw, and instead asks that they send someone from Earth, someone outside the Corps, to investigate.

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Ultimately, they determined that he was in the company of the New Guardians which consisted of enemies of the Green Lanterns. Commenting on the various renegades that sprung amongst their ranks, they commanded Salaak to dispatch a team to apprehend Hal Jordan. Afterwards, their sanctum was invaded by Krona who had the Entities of the Emotional Spectrum at his command.

Whilst the Oans were ready to battle the fallen Maltusian, he demonstrated his complete control over the Entities and had six of them take over the remaining Guardians of the Universe thus subverting them. Now the Corps were controlled by Krona as its members were mind controlled or succumbed to the Parallax Fear Anomaly thus leading to a split within the organization. The Guardians participate in the capture of Guy Gardner and Hal Jordan when Krona plans to evolve them into Guardians and thus take their place as the leaders of the Green Lantern Corps.

The Guardians, along with Krona, Ganthet, and most of the Corps, were momentarily disabled by Mogo's last psychic scream.

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Once they had recovered, the Corps had been released from their control by Krona, and were ready to face off against the rogue and the still possessed Guardians. The Guardians are freed from Krona's control emotions by Hal Jordan, who kills Krona using his ultimate power. The rings from the other corps return to their former wielders.

However, the Guardians expel them from Oa. Therefore, the Guardians discharge him from the Corps.

However, the Green Lantern Corps learn from empathy Lantern Meadlux that the Guardians are afraid of Hal Jordan, fearing that what happened to Krona would eventually happen to them if Jordan was allowed to continue as a Green Lantern. Later, when the Green Lantern Corps are in disagreement and attempt to kill Sinestro, the Corps break into the sciencells, but the Corps discover that the Guardians have in captivity with Sinestro, who are trying to remove Sinestro's green ring, but the ring will not be removed.

Later, the Green Lantern Corps were in a meeting by the Guardians that they choose between discipline continuing the fight and that any intrusion will incite a mutiny. The other Green Lantern Corps are in agreement. After the War of the Green Lanterns, the Guardians concluded that the Green Lanterns are similarly flawed like the Manhunters before them. As a result, after banishing Hal Jordan from the Corps and 'initially' replacing him with Sinestro under the impression that they were unable to remove his green power ring from him , they brainwashed Ganthet who reported that their suspicions were correct and that they needed to move towards the next step of their plans.

To accomplish this goal, they required The First Lantern in order to use his power to bring about the rise of The Third Army , who would be the successors of the Green Lantern Corps. However, the Guardians knew of the opposition they would face from the various Corps and thus required to take measures to eliminate that threat.

Using Sinestro, they had him forcibly disband his own Sinestro Corps who were taken prisoner in the Sciencells. Unknown to them, Sinestro discovered their scheme by touching the Book of the Black, thus prompting him to enlist Hal Jordan's aid into stopping them. The Guardians currently began searching for the Book of the Black by tracking Starstorm , who was one of the last persons to had contact with the book, however when he proves useless to them, the Guardians kill Starstorm, without mercy. In addition, they had attempted to apprehend Kyle Rayner who had been selected by various Power Rings from the various Corps and gone rogue where he formed an incarnation of the New Guardians.

Furthermore, they used events to turn the Alpha Lantern Corps against the rest of their comrades, thus forcing John Stewart and Guy Gardner to destroy the cyborgs. Whilst this was happening, they plotted events to ensure that the two Earth Lanterns would be separated and eliminated.

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Finally, they helped bring about the resurrection of Abysmus and tasked him with destroying his " creator " Atrocitus and the Red Lantern Corps. It's also speculated that the Guardians are responsible for the release of Archangel Invictus from Larfleeze's prison and the fall of the Blue Lantern Corps during the Reach invasion of Odym. However, the Hidden Ones refused to allow the Guardians to retrieve their prisoner due to the dangers posed by him and fought the Guardians, but Reegal was mortally wounded and died by one of them whilst the Guardians left with their prize and sealed the Hidden Ones away in the Chamber of Shadows for good.

Once they departed, the Guardians journeyed to Earth, once they discovered Hal Jordan fighting alongside with Sinestro against the now-freed Black Hand and empowered him to destroy Sinestro and Hal Jordan. With the two " renegade " Green Lanterns killed, Black Hand was imprisoned in the Chamber of Shadows by the Guardians who intended to use him as their agent to bring order by the elimination of free will in the universe.

After that, they began to siphon part of the First Lantern's energy and their forms bristled with power. This energy was then used in conjunction with their flesh to create an organic construct that served their will with this being serving as the first of the Third Army.

This entity was composed of Oan flesh but completely subject to their will and had the ability to replicate by transforming other sentients into copies of itself. The entity demonstrated this by conducting such an act on a nearby human that had come to investigate thus creating a new member of the Third Army. Thus, the Guardians commanded their servants to build their number in space and on Earth in order to wage war against the Green Lantern Corps and the other Corps and bring about the order that they desired for the universe, and so the "Rise of the Third Army" has begun.

The Guardians begin to divide the Earth Lanterns and remove them as obstacles, as they assign John to track down Mogo's dead remains, under the impression that piece of Mogo are attempting to form back together, which Fatality later states to be correct Mogo transpires to be both male and female, and the power of love is returning the male aspect to the female aspect. The Guardians then promote Guy as the 'Sentinal Lantern' and entrust him with guarding a group of ambassadors travelling to a planet for a crucial conference, only to subsequently release from the sciencells, Xar , Guy's old enemy, under the impression that he is going after Guy's family on Earth, knowing that Guy will abandon his duty and return to Earth while Xar attacks the ambassadors.

The Guardians' plans have changed after Guy breaks off the attack from the Third Army and survives; so the Guardians then frame Guy for failing his duty to protect the ambassadors, who were killed and expelled him from the Green Lantern Corps. Salaak, spying on the Guardians' and attaining knowledge of their plans, intended to spread it across the universe, but the Guardians caught him before he can reveal this information, and imprisoned Salaak in the citadel.