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These caskets feature the finest craftsmanship and are preferred by those seeking a classic elegance. Whether you prefer simple touches or want a more elaborate themed service, this collection makes it easy to highlight special relationships, spirituality, affiliations, and interests. Stainless steel differs from carbon steel by the amount of chromium present.


Carbon steel rusts when exposed to air and moisture. This iron oxide film the rust is active and accelerates corrosion by forming more iron oxide. Stainless steels contain sufficient chromium to form a passive film of chromium oxide, which prevents further surface corrosion and blocks corrosion from spreading into the metal's internal structure.

Wooden Caskets Hand crafted like fine furniture, each wooden casket has it's own unique graining pattern. The natural warmth and beauty of wood is available in a variety of types and species. The interior material of a wood casket is typically either velvet or crepe. The classification "hardwood" simply means that the wood comes from a leaf-bearing tree. Pine, Poplar and Veneer caskets represent the most economical categories of wood caskets.

Ora et labora

Poplar caskets in particular are available in a wide variety of finish colors and polishes which provides a broad and flexible number of choices in this category. The most significant feature difference between metal and wood caskets lies in how the lid closes against the shell of the casket.

In the majority of metal caskets, a rubber gasket is inserted and wrapped around the entire perimeter of the casket shell. When the lid of the casket is closed a sealing key is inserted on the exterior foot end of the casket and turned to provide a secure closure.

A Guide to Casket Options for Families and Individuals

The gasket feature has been designed to prevent outside elements from entering the casket in the burial state. The gasketed seal in no way prevents or slows down the naturally occurring decomposition of the body. The gasketed feature is exclusive to most metal caskets. Wood caskets are not constructed with gaskets. Similar to fine bed linens and sofa treatments, casket interiors are offered in a variety of colors and grades of material.

The two most highly selected interior materials are made from either velvet or crepe.