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Forced to Mate with the Ancient Beast 3. Bound to the Demon: Virgin Sacrifice More. This three-book bundle contains dark erotic stories of sensual demonic pacts, virginal sacrifices-turned passionate trysts, and interspecies mating.

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Contains 20, words of the following supernatural, sexual tales: 1. Ensnared by the Demon: Trading Favors for Flesh Emma is a powerful and alluring sorceress who weaves magic with exotic dancing to cater to her demonic clientele in one of the hottest underworld nightclubs. When her naiive younger sister disappears following a particularly sultry performance, Emma enlists the help of a powerful Warlock and his lustful demon servants to find the kidnapper - and extract her dark vengeance. But even for the experienced and resourceful Emma, bargaining with demons comes at a high price Forced to Mate with the Ancient Beast Once a generation, a fair maiden must serve as the virginal sacrifice to the great beast of the mountain, Vruel.

When young Dinai is chosen to be the next virgin bride, she resolves to give herself over completely to the creature in order to save her village.

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Now Dinai has been whisked away to his mountain lair, and comes face-to-face with the massive, demonic beast-man. But as she offers her fertile young body up to be bred by the terrifying beast, Dinai finds herself experiencing a new unexpected emotion: desire. Bound to the Demon: Virgin Sacrifice When Samantha awakens to find herself chained to a bloody altar, she quickly learns that she's being offered as a sacrifice to a hellish demon prince!

In short, this book is worse than Twilight. Oct 20, Lynne rated it it was amazing. While I am not embarrassed by my liking of In the Forest of the Night, this book, Demon in my View, is much more of a teenager book, probably because of the romance in it. But it was another book that was written by Atwater-Rhodes when she was still a teenager, and it is meant for teenagers. This book is set sometime after the events of In the Forest of the Night and the main character, Jessica, was mentioned in passing by Risika in the previous book.

In this book, we see Jessica as she starts a new school year. But she is unlike any other teenager. She is different, and there is something about her that seems to repel people, she has no friends, and even her adopted mother seems to have almost given up trying to understand her. In response to this, she has developed a sharp and biting sarcastic wit to keep those who try to treat her as a charity case away.

But she is also the author of a new book, Tiger, Tiger pretty much understood to be In the Forest of the Night but she has used a pseudonym so no one will know it is her.

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At school she meets two new students that will change her life. One is Caryn, who seems to want to befriend Jessica, but Jessica finds her bothersome, and tries to deter Caryn. The other is Alex, a gorgeous new boy if you like dark and mysterious , that Jessica realizes looks just like her character Aubrey, a dangerous vampire. Only after running into Alex in strange places, and having Caryn and her mother warn Jessica away from him, does Jessica begin to consider that maybe Alex really is Aubrey.

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But if that is the case, everything she has written is true, and that would be dangerous to the whole world of vampires. At the same time, the whole vampire world is out for her blood. But Jessica has trouble with the idea that as amazing as the world is for the vampires of her books, she is human, and humans are nothing more than prey. I think this may be the closest equivalent to Twilight that I have read.

But Jessica is really strong willed and not willing to be someone who just waits around for a man. The romance and the draw between the characters is similar to the draw between Bella and Edward, but Aubrey and Jessica are much stronger and more dangerous, so you can see the qualities that attract one to the other. Jessica is a very interesting main character. You identify with her because you see the book mostly from her point of view, but there are some of her traits that are a little abrasive and off putting.

She is strong, and cheeky. He attempts to unsettle her by leaning in and preparing to bite her, but they converse mentally, each teasing the other. He has never had a human talk back to him, let alone have the gall to fight back against him. It is her ability to fight his charms, and her reckless nature, that draws Aubrey to Jessica. It was fun for me to read more about Aubrey. It was nice to see him as something more than a villain. He and Risika have a very dangerous antagonistic relationship in the previous book. In this book, he is the dangerous love interest, and we see that he is not as inhuman as he would like to believe.

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I do love that Atwater-Rhodes keeps the danger in the vampires, even as she makes Aubrey the love interest. Jessica is under no illusion that she is completely safe with him, and she knows the other vampires are out to kill her or those around her if they cannot get to Jessica. My favorite thing with this book is the consequences of choice and the impact of wanting to be a vampire has on being a vampire. Jessica knows this, and by wanting to be one of the creatures from her book, she knows she cannot be one, as she is unwilling to be a weak vampire.

This leaves her and Aubrey in a bit of trouble as there are not many options of what can be done about Jessica, and her novels that are letting the humans see into the vampire world.

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The ending of the book is rather awesome. I really love that all the characters are true to themselves, and what they believe. I think this is very true for Jessica, Fala, and also Caryn a character that it might be tempting to overlook until the end. I wish that Atwater-Rhodes would have continued with these vampires, or at least this line of vampires.

I found the next few books a bit disappointing because of the weakness in the vampires. Final Verdict: Take a bite out of this book.

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An easy, fast read, with strong characters, and the prefect substitution for Twilight. Nov 01, Joe Domolky rated it liked it. Demon in My View was a good book in my opinion. I didn't like it as much as Period 8, but it definitely started to get intense towards the end. The book is about a girl who is almost part vampire named Jessica. She was adopted by a woman named Anne when her mother Jazlyn gave her up at birth. Jessica acted like a vampire in the way that she liked only the color black and she was fairly anti social.

Jessica's mother was a human, then a vampire, and then switched back to being a human all while sh Demon in My View was a good book in my opinion. Jessica's mother was a human, then a vampire, and then switched back to being a human all while she was pregnant with Jessica which is why she is a little bit different than other humans.

When Jessica meets a boy named Alex who she wrote about in one of her books, her life starts to change. The book is mostly based off of Jessica who writes books about real things that happened with vampires but she never actually witnessed any of the events. The ideas just come to her and she almost has powers. I recommend reading it, because it also didn't take very long.

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Aug 04, Angela rated it really liked it. This is a great YA, paranormal fantasy series with vampires, shapeshifters, supernatural elements, mystery, suspense, danger, action, drama, and a little angst. Jessica is a published author, though no one in her high school knows her secret. But two new student are about to shake up her world. An original story- with fully developed and interesting characters.

A fun read! Thank you, Ms. Dec 06, Cecilia rated it it was amazing.