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He loves the cinema. Maybe he loves the cinema a little too much. Lately, things have been going wrong. No matter the film — The Graduate, Brief Encounter, The Magnificent Seven — he finds himself sucked from his seventh-row seat into the heart of the action on the big screen. Playing lead roles in dozens of classic movies. A fantasy come true? Or a living nightmare? On a remote desert highway in Nevada, a classified military convoy transporting nerve gas for incineration is hijacked by a group of Middle Eastern terrorists.

In San Francisco, Homeland Security investigator Matthew Drake is assigned to put one of the suspects under surveillance.

Now mobs are rioting in the Bay Area — fighting among themselves, jumping out of windows, creating utter chaos. Locked up in a FEMA camp as the United States descends into madness, held prisoner in a secret Continuity of Government facility miles under the Utah desert, they struggle to survive a conspiracy gone wrong — a sinister plan to achieve total control over the human mind.

Barney Thomson — awkward, diffident, Glasgow barber — lives a life of desperate mediocrity. Shunned at work and at home, unable to break out of a twenty-year rut, each dull day blends seamlessly into the next. However, there is no life so tedious that it cannot be spiced up by inadvertent murder, a deranged psychopath, and a freezer full of neatly packaged meat.

Much to his dismay, however, people care about him and attempt to thrust him into happiness. As Woody struggles to cope with the people around him and adapt to the lives they lead, he fails to connect with anybody and he learns nothing. Influenced by Lovecraft and Barker, this collection tells the story of the rise The Great Maurr, the ant-headed old one, his enslavement of the human race, and the pockets of survivors in the City of Hell itself or Moskow, London and Hong Kong, the only remaining cities. Find it on Amazon and more info here inlcuding other formats.

Also, ready for release is of Altered States, volume one. These short stories are brought to you by a collective of 13 international writers, who for the second volume will be teaming up with illustrators, photographers and graphic designers to bring you full colour visual and written fiction.


The collections cover a range of genres all with the common of Altered States theme; all the stories focus on change after conflict and how humanity deals with trials, tribulation and the unknown. More info on the project here. Captain John lands the first manned mission to Mars with his robot sidekick Asimov, only to find out that they are out of fuel, food and patience with each other!

Shawn James – Hellhound

The books are written under the unifying pseudonym Jack Tunney, but feature established authors who love the genre such as myself — Paul Bishop — and Mel Odom in the first two books, with upcoming entries from Eric Beetner, Robert Randisi, Gary Phillips, and others.

Felony Fists: Los Angeles His elite crew of detectives known as The Hat Squad is his blunt instrument — dedicated, honest, and fearless. And his fists are going to give him the chance. Thanks so much for doing this, John!

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Forever Material A romantic comedy by Athena Grayson. After making a fool out of herself too many times over bad boys with no responsibility and nothing but heartbreak on their minds, Barbara Whitehall developed a philosophy to help women like herself get over the bad boys and find good men. And it works. But those legs are nothing next to her lethal tongue.

Fire Mountain Games - Way of the Wicked Book 3 - Tears of the Blessed

Is there love story? Does Joaquin have sex? Does he hang around with the wrong people and someone ends up dead? Does he hallucinate?

J. Earl Clauson

You bet. My name is Paul Comstock, and I have twelve science fiction and fantasy short stories and noveletes available as ebooks on Amazon. They are stories involving inner space, outer space, magic, and memories. Stories of the unusual and impossible. Stories to excite and thrill.

Stereotypes of animals

Stories of imagination and delight. All are listed at Amazon individually and also bundled into anthologies. Some are also available for free on Smashwords and would make great free stocking stuffer ebooks for an ebook reader you may be buying as a gift for someone. Nalena Maxwell, known as The Waste at her school, has received a sign. So when she offers her old friend poetry professor Mick Thooft some help in his impending divorce, he smells an ulterior motive.

Much more than documents.

Just when Mick and Octavia are on the cusp of victory, it all goes terribly wrong. This week marked 78 years since Prohibition Repeal Day Dec 5, Also for your consideration, may I offer the ultimately politically incorrect blending of religion and politics, The Cenacle Scroll. Jennifer Goodwyn, a Cornell University graduate student, inadvertently returns home to sleepy Ithaca, N.

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The ossuary is found to contain several pieces of early first century stoneware, and a mysterious, tiny scroll. But soon, all hell breaks loose. While the State Department is aggressively seeking its return to Israel, a nationwide political movement starts rising up around the relic.

And Jennifer soon discovers that the storied artifact is causing sickness and even death among those who remain too long in its presence. Rather than face the prospect of having to put the entertaining, talkative parrots to death, he secretly places them with a retired bird breeder, safely removing them from the public eye. Thanks again, John. So if a classmate asked you to help him get rid of a phantom in his closet, would you run screaming into the night? Or would you arm yourself with knowledge and wade right into the ghostly fray? Stevie-girl, the 12 year old heroine of The Phantom Pilot, decides to wade.


Only then does she realize that once the paranormal closet door gets opened, getting it shut again may be impossible. You may order at annswann. Stellar Ranger Devon Ardel aims to avenge the death of her best friend Hap, killed by a new alien race known as Votainions, bent on destroying the Federation. Her vengeance leads her to join the Starforgers, a new interstellar division of the military, at a time when the Federation is on the verge of the first galactic war.

The Starforgers are woefully under manned and out gunned; they are forced to make deals with cutthroat pirates and civilian merchants to protect the Federation in its hour of need. The civilian leaders of the Federation are locked in bitter political debates about their future and the future of sentient androids known as Silicants. The Silicants want freedom from their human masters and are willing to make secret alliances to buy their freedom. His actions start a war that will rage for a thousand years and have far reaching implications.

Ebook available now on Kindle , Nook and Smashwords. The mountain kingdom Teldine has been protected from ancient enemies for a thousand years by an impenetrable fog wall and by the power of the gods-given Cobaltine Flower. The outcome of the duel devastates Rydan and sends him on a journey of redemption in an increasingly unstable kingdom. When the magical protections deteriorate, Natena and Rydan combine forces as intrigue, murder, and betrayal threaten the tiny realm. This book has heart and deserves a much wider audience. Buy this book and then go buy the sequel.

Garcia, Susan Gibb, Nancy A. Hansen, K.