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Start taking on as many jobs as possible in addition to your extra-curricular activities. In high school, I was already helping my mom clean houses, weed-whacking, snow-shoveling, waitressing, while interning in white collar jobs at banks during the summer. In college, I bartended, sold high volumes of consumer goods on eBay, interned during the school year and in my summers, and taught my own brand of Chinese language classes, etc.

Accumulating useless credentials and degrees. When people who work too little graduate from college, they may find it hard to land a job due to fear of the unknown and lack of confidence. It's rather understanding how to land interviews and nail them. In fact, most people at that age don't know what they want to do for a living, so the right strategy is to accumulate work experience.

NOT go for more schooling because it delays reality! As sanctioned and encouraged by parents and our education system, many are pushed into delaying making any hard decisions by going back into school. No matter how much time you're wasting and money it costs, somehow this is STILL the route that many confused young graduates take. My mom threatened to disown me due to her massive disappointment of me rejecting law school. I staunchly refused to be put into further financial slavery.

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I just finished undergrad, which I deemed more or less a waste of time; not even God could force me to do any more school! Instead of believing in others' pushing and your own insecurities, enter the workforce asap. If you're doing business, don't just jump into another MBA. Being idealistic versus realistic. In my graduating year, , the recession was in full-swing, however attitudes towards careers were not. All of my classmates talked about this awesome career called "investment banking". Nowadays, I believe the equivalent is "tech" or "AI" or whatever else is trending.

As much as I ideally would have liked to prove to my friends how cool and successful I was, I realized very quickly that I had no natural strengths and attributes that made a career in i-banking possible! I was bad at quantitative subjects, I was clueless how to get interviews at the top banks, and I didn't even really understand what the career was all about in the first place! I just heard it was "good".

As it turned out, I didn't have the liberty to choose my career anyways. My parents needed me to run our family's Chinese restaurant immediately. All of a sudden, I had 12 employees and our family's house to look after. As I scrubbed tables, got yelled at by my staff and customers, I got to sincerely think about my future plans for myself. What would be my alternative career? Instead of pursuing what others would consider successful, I evaluated my natural strengths which centered on people and communication.

The one job type that would allow someone with little technical skills to flourish financially and professionally would be sales. At age 23, I entered into the career track of a recruiter, aka headhunter, a career centered around finding, organizing, and successfully placing people at companies for commission. Approaching work with the wrong attitude. Many people I know decry the pursuit of wealth. They proudly profess, "I work to live, not live to work". This is the exact type of mindset the produces misery.


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No matter how lowly of a job I worked, I always did it with a smile on my face. I worked hard and I was nice, happy, and positive. That was a survival mechanism. Many people allow their misery to cloud their life everyday. At the DMV, retail store, restaurant, white collar job, or anywhere really, you'll meet miserable, mean, rude, selfish, lazy, bitter, and incompetent people.

I feel bad for anyone who is miserable at work because I know what that's like! I was terrible at one of my summer internships in college. For example, a retailer will sell more in December than the rest of the year. For example, the same retailer might notice that sales are strongest on Friday and Saturday and weakest on Monday and Tuesday.

1. Product Knowledge

Right-click any cell in Excel and select Insights by Bing. Excel will search for the cell value in Bing and return the results to a research panel docked to the right side of the Excel screen.

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The least useful feature is the ability to convert a handwritten equation to proper math syntax see Figure 3. To experiment, go to Insert, Equations, Ink Equation. This new release also undoes some unpopular changes that were made to the Excel interface in Excel The tab names—Home, Insert, Design—were in all caps.

Excel stops screaming the tab names, returning them to proper case. A new Colorful theme in Excel brings the color back to the ribbon.

Go to File, Options, General to change the Office theme. Another annoyance in Excel was that any numbers that changed as the result of a calculation would appear to roll down into the cell, as if you were looking at a slot machine. This feature was so unpopular in Excel that it has been removed. Excel offers fewer new features than previous releases because resources were focused on porting Excel to Android and iOS.

How do you create a look up table in a separate excel worksheet so it updates automatically as you add or remove data rows or columns from that lookup table? Do You Have Emotional Intelligence? Building Trust in Management Accounting. Management Accounting: Expanding Relevance. Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Marion May 3, AT pm.

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