Maleficus, the Ghosts of Chaos

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At the cusp of the merging of the Brotherhood of the Sith and the Dark Sith Order , her knighting came as a bit of a shock. One of the shortest apprenticeships in the history of the Dark Sith Order, Kamasu's request to the Council for her knighthood was almost denied. It was only when her actions were put to the test by her Master that brought her the rank of Knight, almost killing her in the process. The first hint of pride came from Darth Kamasu then Life itself remains undefined to me But I'll find out!

I need a sense of purpose- being a hunter lets me search for myself through battle! The power you speak of is meaningless to me! I walk in faith! The faith that we chose who we want to be Given the Sith name, Darth Molior, Kith now had no reason to focus on the woman she once had been. With Kamasu gone, none knew the woman's real name any longer, and she sunk into the persona of The Falcon, all too readily. Like the hunting creature she was nicknamed for, she existed solely for the whims of the Masters of the Order.

Her life hardly seemed her own, and the woman cared little about that fact. She lived for the Order, and would, she knew, die for the order. Never had the Sith Masters had so perfect a tool for their plots. Far from evil , Kith focused on a job that must be done, making no hesitation in any action needed to fulfill that goal.

She did not take joy in destruction, but rather a grim satisfaction in a job well done. She sought no power within the order, which led to two, radically differnt opinion by others of the order. Either they trusted her explicitly, or sought her demise. Kept so isolated during her apprenticeship, she finally began to meet other members of the order, eventually overcoming with three in particular, the aversion instilled in her by her Master. Maize Wayne , known as Darth Thanatos was the first to come and congratulate her on the rise to knighthood.

Though the initial meeting was rocky at best, with Kith assuming he wished to use her for his own purposes as Kamasu had told her Thanatos was increasingly likely to do with his fellow sith , eventually a rocky friendship began to form Kith was never clear on the reasons, not understanding the depth and warmth the man had for his family. It would take many, many years before that particular understanding would sink through the cold shell. Korran Halycon , also known then at Darth Automus, slowly evolved into a mentor of sorts. Kith approved of his methods, his manners, and the fact that he followed through on his promises Viscious but practical, Kith eventually became his right hand, a shadow to his plots and plans.

Aslyn Denethorn , known only by his name of Darth Tirdarius to the majority of the order, gradually took Kamasu's place as Kith teacher. He helped to guide her, though he never realized how many of his actions affected the young woman. There was something about him so very different than the other Sith Masters at the time, and Kith appreciated his calm actions. She herself seldom let her own emotions rule her as was so common with the Sith, and Tirdarius also shared that specific peculiarity. A particular affection started to grow there, though it was wholly one sided Perhaps in some ways Tirdarius filled in a role lost to her when she lost her memory.

More a father figure than a lover in the depths of her subconscious, there were none she held in such high regard as he. The attack on Korriban by the Jedi took the Sith by surprise. A retaliation by the Jedi for the attack on Naboo and the sacking and theft of many items from their archives had brought about the unexpected action.

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Led by the former Sith and traitors DarkSky Kerberos and Darth Shule , they swept down upon Korriban in a huge fleet and strike force, the likes of which would never be seen again in human memory. With orders to protect the Academy, Molior along with a number of other Sith prepared to defend. It was here that Kith would first come into contact with the Jedi Master Bethany Kismet , and first have her trust and loyalty to Darth Tirdarius shaken.

Watching as the two conversed, as pretty as you please The first hints of that emotion that she could remember. Anger and hatred, both for the Jedi, and for the man she thought she had known.

He would have allowed her to go free, if the Jedi had accepted it, and it was only the interference Darron Wraith , fellow Jedi Master and friend of Bethany's, had disrupted the stale mate. Molior moved immediately to finish the Jedi Master, but in the chaos of battle, the Sith Knight lost the woman. Lost the Jedi, and the faith that had shone so strongly in Tirdarius.

Darth Tirdarius would soon fall back to the light through the machinations of Bethany Kismet , a series of actions that Kith would never forgive either of them for, though the Jedi Master was completely oblivious to the hatred that burned for her in a sith she had never met. It was in this time of alternating distrust and faith that Kith took her first students.

Of them, only three from these days remain.

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There were many others, but not all even made it through the rigorous, and often deadly, training she would subject them too. Of them all, only these three survived the training and the knighthood ceremony. Maleficus became one whom she still considers her prize pupil, the most ruthless of the lot, and the most willing to sacrifice to see the job through. Cazador she knew for his cunning and subtly His theft of an artifact belonging to the order and subsequent flight to the Regnum after his final test due to the theft left her knowing that one day they would meet again Molior did not tolerate traitors or thieves.

The Council kept her focused however on other things. Multiple run-ins with the Jedi, the Sith Assassin put her skills to good use.


Murder on Hoth brought she and Darth Maleficus still her apprentice then into contact with Hawk Hinata for the first time. The Sith assault on Yavin brought her greater fame as Korran Halycon brought the mere knight into place as his second-in-command. Rescuing Siris Nido from the Jedi Prison with the help of Darth Cazador during his apprenticeship also brought her name onto Sith lips again.

It seemed as though everything she started, everything she touched, turned to gold for the Sith.

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I decide the meaning. If my life is a dream then it's my dream, I'm the dreamer. It was through the machinations of Korran Halycon that Kith gained her Masterhood.

Numerous times the rank was offered to her Time and time again the Council attempted to offer it, demand it, even order it, and still, Molior would not comply. She had no interest in the title, perfering to focus on continuing her training, now alone that Tirdarius had fallen.

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She was sent on missions, utilized in plots within plots, always fulfilling her duty and her goal Three years passed from the first offer until she finally accepted what she perceived as the burden of Masterhood. During one of Korran's Legion of Darkness movements, he directly ordered her to accept the charge of Masterhood. He claimed that just as he had need of her saber and her talents, so to did he have need of the freedom she would gain through being Mastered. If she were truly loyal to the order, she would accept this just as she had accepted every other commision.

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Love knows no age or length of time. Love is a feeling, deep in your heart, that squeezes you tight and you never want to let it go. A series of unlikely events, unlikely meetings and of an even unliklier man changed everything for the Sith Master. After a fierce battle, she left him for dead, encased in the ice.

Though she took one of his lightsabers, she didn't think of him again.

Not until the two met again on Tatooine. Again they battled, though as much between their minds as between their sabers. Azusa, Lost But Seeking. Budget Progenitus EDH. EDH Teferi. Isperia the Budget.