Id Rather Roll Than Rattle: A collection of humorous stories.

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An expression to compare to one's neighbor as a benchmark for social class or the accumulation of material goods.

Keep one's cool. Keep on trucking. An expression meaning to carry on, persevere or continue plugging away, as in "keep on keeping on". Keep your eye on the prize.

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An expression meaning to stay focused on your goal or objective without distraction. Keep your eyes peeled. Kidding someone. An expression used for saying that someone wants someone to believe something, but everyone knows it is not true. Kill the goose that lays the golden egg. An expression meaning to destroy a valuable way to make a living, carry out an unprofitable action motivated by greed. An expression meaning to something to keep one busy while waiting for something. Kiss my ass. A derogatory expression meaning that you don't care what someone thinks about what you said or did.

I'm going to watch that movie whether you like it or not; you can kiss my ass! Knee jerk reaction. An expression meaning an immediate, emotional, unthinking response to a situation. Knickers in a twist or knickers in a knot. An expression meaning to get very upset about something, usually not very important.

Now, before you get your knickers in a twist, let me explain what happened. Knocking on heaven's door. The popular song by Bob Dylan, the expression means tempting fate or close to death. Knock on wood. A superstition to actually find and knock on a piece of wood after saying something you hope remains true. Known by the company one keeps. Lame or lame-ass. An expression meaning something was completely one-sided, similar to "blow-out". Last straw or draw the short straw. Lead a horse to water, but one can't make him drink. I guess you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

Leap of Faith. An expression meaning to believe or attempt something whose existence or outcome cannot be proved.

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Learn by rote. An expression meaning to be able to quickly recall the meaning of the material the more one repeats it. Learn something by heart. Let bygones by bygones.

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An expression meaning to forget about unpleasant things that happened in the past, and especially to forgive and forget something bad that someone has done, similar to "bury the hatchet". Let sleeping dogs lie. Let the chips fall where they may. An expression meaning to accept what's going to happen and to not interfere or change course. Lick your wounds. Like a bat out of hell. Like a red-headed stepchild. An expression meaning someone who's not like the others or who doesn't fit in.

Like clock-work.

I’d rather swallow knitting needles than eat vegan cheese – but the diet has its perks

An expression describing something or someone is very predictable or punctual. Like mixing oil and water. An expression meaning two things that aren't meant to be mixed together, similar to oil and vinegar they mix, but settle separately. Listen to that baby purr. An anthropomorphic expression commonly used to refer to a properly running engine, computer or other machine. Loaded for bear.

An expression describing people who stubbornly refuse to change their position or compromise to resolve a problem. Long on the tooth. An unkind or humorous expression describing someone as old. As people age, their gums recede and their teeth appear longer. An expression meaning a venture or guess that has only the slightest chance of succeeding or being accurate. Look a gift horse in the mouth. A person who seems interested in buying something, but is just browsing, also someone who lingers around the scene of an accident, etc.

Loose lips sink ships. An expression referring to people sharing secret information that ruins everything. Lose one's head. Love is blind.

Rock, Rattle & Roll (Lost in Oblivion, #) by Taryn Elliott

An expression meaning to always see the best in people we love, overlook their faults and imperfections. Lucky devil. An expression meaning only moderately enthusiastic, unsure, or unable to commit to a position. Maybe I'll warm up to the idea later. Make your bed, now lie in it.

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The expression means to make a decision and now one must accept the circumstances. Man your stations. An expression meaning being singled out for special treatment, usually to be harmed.

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Meet your match. An expression meaning someone who is even in skill or ability, or is a challenger. Mice will play while the cat's away. An expression meaning doing things that might not be permitted because an authority figure isn't present. Mice will play while the cat's away! Milk it for all it's worth.

Describing a very timid, unassertive, spineless person, especially one who is easily dominated or intimidated; inspired by the cartoon character, Caspar Milquetoast, created by H. Webster in Jared is milquetoast, he's too afraid to ask for a raise even though he's done great work for three years. Mind over matter.

An expression meaning to use willpower to overcome physical problems, similar to "A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition". Monday morning quarterback. An expression referencing American football in which someone passes judgement on another person's decision or actions after the event. Mother's love is blind. When you love some one, particularly your own child, you look past any physical or behavioral defects. Muddy the waters. An expression meaning to make a situation more confusing by introducing complications.

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Mud on one's boots. My hands are tied! Nailed to the wall. Never cry wolf. An expression cautioning against falsely claiming a wrong or a crime, because when something actually goes wrong, no one will believe you. An expression describing a person who is habitually active or alert late at night.