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ClickHole Lifestyle. Share Tweet. Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. The Georgian hero Tariel was able to drop opposing warriors using only the force of his mighty war cry. Bands of warriors would often cry out in unison to frighten their enemies and fill themselves with thumos. Even today, soldiers and fighters continue to yell and shout when engaging with the enemy.

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You even see battle cries on football and rugby fields. Moving back into that raw barbarism via a mighty yell may be a way for us humans to tap into our animal strength. The battle cry has truly played an integral and just plain fascinating role in the history of masculinity. So today we highlight 20 famous and not-so-famous battle cries through the ages and around the world. Unlike their Greek forebearers who drilled to music, ancient Roman soldiers typically marched in silence. But once they encountered the enemy, the soldiers would let out a unified war cry to intimidate their foes.

Marine Corps since about the Vietnam War. Several possible sources exist. Confederate soldiers in the American Civil War developed a uniquely terrifying battle cry to intimidate their enemy and boost their own morale. While there is no recording of the Rebel Yell in an actual battle, the Library of Congress did record a group of Confederate veterans giving the Rebel Yell in Take a listen:.

Modern Mongolian archers shout the phrase and raise their hands to the heavens whenever they score a point in competition. Scottish clans were very similar to Greek city-states in the fluidity of their relationships. Clans often fought each other, but sometimes banded together to fight a common foe, usually the English. Each clan had their own distinct battle cry, called a slogan in the Lowlands and a flughorn in the Highlands. According to 19th century historian Rev.

George Hill, Highland clans typically chose the name of a place or event that had historical significance for the respective clan. Scottish slogans also served as a watchword to help identify fellow clansmen in the confusion of battle. Thanks Mel Gibson. Records suggest that soldiers in the Russian Imperial Army were the first to use it.

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Before a battle, the Ancient Greeks would ask for the blessings of Alala — the goddess of the war cry — by shouting out her name as loudly and fiercely as possible. If Linda succeeded in writing either of these books, she Linda Grant de Pauw argues that she writes the first book that documents a history of women in the military.

If Linda succeeded in writing either of these books, she would have made a great accomplishment. However, Linda did neither of these things. This lack of knowledge prevades her work. For someone who claims to have a specialty in women, Linda has a lack of knowledge in feminism, rape, lesbianism, and trans issues.

Although she covers wars across human history and in many parts of the world, she does neglect Asian countries. I wanted to know more about China and Japan.

1. “Remember the Alamo”

As far as the actual histories go, Linda will make theoretical conclusions that support her arguments in one section. In the next section, she will say something that overtly contrasts what was said previously. However, I found the content very interesting.

I learned about war and the roles women have played in war. I found some of the stories of female war heros inspiring. However, this expansive book was also depressing.

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Obviously stories of war and war crimes is depressing in and of itself. But the fact that there have been so many people in the world, and so many have died in the same way- only for their cause to be lost, let alone their country and people- was extremely depressing. Why do I live my life? Apparently people fight for causes and die all the time. Not only that, but the world is a brutal place. This probably sounds more suicidal then it is- more existential, then anything.

But, back to the quality of the book. Linda has trouble balencing the history of women in war with her argument. The book is basically an overlook of history of women in war, with a rare mention of her argument.

War Cries: Military Prayers from Barracks to Battlefield [9780281073641]

While I think there is validity in her argument, she was such a poor writer that she could not make it well. Jun 18, Andrea rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction. I picked this book up at a bookstore's going-out-of-business sale because it was cheap and it sounded interesting. I was a little afraid that it would be fraught with political commentary and rhetoric, but I am happy to be mistaken.

The approach is very methodical and historical, telling of heroines and villains on both sides of many conflicts during the history of the world. While sometimes the evidence is a little sketchy, she tells us what evidence there is, and copious footnotes allow one I picked this book up at a bookstore's going-out-of-business sale because it was cheap and it sounded interesting. While sometimes the evidence is a little sketchy, she tells us what evidence there is, and copious footnotes allow one to research more if one is interested.

I liked how she didn't just talk about the traditional heroine who dresses up as a man to go to the battlefront, but also the camp followers who carried lots of baggage and did many hard but necessary chores, spies, prostitutes, and other women involved in martial efforts. She doesn't tell us whether these women were heroines or victims or what -- the author gives us the facts and lets us decide. I didn't really care for the last chapter very much -- it seemed like it wasn't really related to the whole theme of "women in war", but the rest of the book was very interesting. I learned a lot about history that I didn't know; despite history's reputation being memorization of dates and battles, I had little or no knowledge of military history outside the U.

The book doesn't go into very much detail about women in non-English-speaking countries, but that's a little understandable since English-language documentation on these subjects is a little hard to come by. The one constant I felt throughout the book is that when women have joined in the actual fighting, it is because they thought it was important. You don't see women disguised as men to enter the British army to go colonize other lands; but you do see this happening in defensive battles, the Civil war, the Revolutionary war, and many other conflicts throughout history.

There is a fair amount of discussion of prostitution that some may not enjoy; I didn't enjoy it either, but the author discussed it in a factual way, and it was clearly an issue of importance to the armies of the time, so it makes sense. View 1 comment. Jan 18, Margaret Sankey rated it liked it.

1. Byzantine Legions: “Quick, while God isn’t watching!”

Published in , right on the brink of tremendous change, this is a survey of women in conflict, done explicitly to create visibility for the tens of thousands of women whose participation had been erased from military history. De Pauw was careful in the introduction to state that she was not provoking controversy by writing it to bolster women's potential integration in the military PACE, BROS!

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Looking back, this comes off as cringy, but having been there in , understand why it was necessary to frame it that way. Linda Grant rated it it was amazing Jan 18, Paul rated it it was amazing Jul 02, Historia rated it liked it Aug 10, Molly Dupont rated it really liked it Jan 06, Alexina Lockie rated it really liked it Apr 18, Ambica Rajagopal rated it liked it Jul 11, Lady Niniane rated it really liked it Nov 30,