Climbing Anchors, 3rd (How To Climb Series)

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Climbing anchors: The Quad

Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Some photos from 7 climbing days in the Dolomites, Italy. The Dolomites are the original home of trad climbing. Decades before Yosemite, Elbsandstein, Blue Mountains and other places, hobnailed people in wooly jumpers were clambering up hard routes on the faces here.

The legends and their names are still with us today, names like Dimai, Comici, Vinatzer, Cassin and Messner. I like all kinds of climbing but in my heart it has never been about the athletics or difficulty, but rather about the adventure I also like a decent shower and a beer at the end of the day and with hundreds of hotels, refugios and holiday appartments all over the place, the Dols fit the bill!

If the weather is crap then the sportclimbing mecca of Arco is 1. Between the Dols and FL we managed 83 pitches of climbing in 9 climbing days, taking 4 days for rest and travel. That is about 3km of vertical terrain! All our multipitches are listed below Posted at PM Permalink Comments 1. Armed with the new Rockfax guide, we are faced with huge cliffs and massive classic routes put up over the last years. People were climbing 20pitch grade 14s gr. IV here in ! We double pitched it ie did the 8 pitches in 4, taking hrs. Unfortunately it then started raining, which turned to snow overnite so today is enforced rest but weather should improve on Tue.

I now put it down to general disinterest I had in working routes - if I could not send a climb in 5 tries that was it, attention span exhausted, moving onto other adventures. Time passed and I was getting neither younger nor stronger. The kids took their toll too.

Something had to be done. This year I managed to string together a few months of no injuries, few distractions, outdoor weekends and decent training. First I had a go at "Hammer and Tongs" at Statham's Quarry - this is in one of the two most accessible places in Perth, where one can belay out of the boot of a car.

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  4. Kangchenjunga.
  5. My First Big Wall?

I wrestled with the first crux for a four trips until I studied some tips and got the desperate mid-wall sequence right. The top crux yielded to soft slab shoes and some long reaches. I hoped this was coming, having slapped the top jug last year, but boy was this years in the making. I love the old climbers' campsite, painful as it is to get to, secretive a I am on the web about its whereabouts.

Nicely shaded, next to the beach, no facilities, no fees, no flies. There were nine of us, climbing, fishing, swimming some nude and cooking dinner every day…how simple can life be?

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Even a stand-up paddle board made an appearance, and by the second outing the DolphinWoman was steady. I dragged in a the Makita and Fixes and put up 1 trad route and 3 new mixed climbs, all , giving one of them away to Nostromo in a fit of holiday generosity. The weather was perfect, 23C every day.

It is funny how in life it sometimes comes together, just sometimes, just like that, to create perfection. We were free. Turkey is not exactly on the Australian road trip itinerary but there are a couple of good places to go. Both are within 1hr drive of the city of Antalya on the south coast. The first is Olympos , near Cirali - it features many easy slabbish climbs, shade, nice ruins and creek that runs through the valley to the fabulous beach 10min away. Cirali has many restaurants but most are closed in winter after end of October. In the hard-man class is Geyikbayiri , which has much overhanging limestone stuff.

Tech Tip - Big Wall - Hang Your Stove

Come in the winter months. In the many cabin camps the food is dismal and expensive, but better and cheaper eats can be found 10min drive down the road if you have wheels. Alternatively stay in one of the modern coastal apartments, which are dirt cheap out of season and drive in. Of course you'd be mad to go to Turkey just for climbing - there are fantastic landscapes Cappadocia, Pamukkale , ruins Termessos, Aphrodisias, Ephesos Watch out for dodgy car rental agencies, in Cappadocia we hired a car that had non-working reverse gear!! This made for exciting parking.

How To Climb Series | Rowman & Littlefield

The cigarette lighter did not work either GPS power. On the plus side, people are friendly, pomegranates very cheap and gozleme delicious. In Fethiye there are several shops that sell nothing but turkish delight, so many varieties. Super country.

The Mountaineers Books Rock Climbing Anchors: A Comprehensive Guide

I spent the last week of August and first week of September in the Swiss and French Alps again, on my third trip. This time with Pistol Pete, we managed to climb four m summits and one significant rock route, and would have done more if we were not shut down by a snow storm in the middle of this period. Before it snowed, we did our first three mountains in four days. Our climbs were:. I put together a trip report , based on my diary I was verry exited! The much awaited City Summit climbing gym has finally opened two weeks ago and I was going to check it out.

Not only it is the fourth near-CBD gym in Perth now, it is also the fourth gym within 7km of my front door. I have now been to Who needs real crags, eh?

Setting Up a Top Rope from Above

I walked in, kitted up, fronted up to the rope induction The Click-Up, by Climbing Technology. Yes, I have never heard of them either. Being old, crusty, and set in my ways, as soon as I spotted the shiny new thing I took an instant dislike to it. It resembles nothing else you have ever seen, but functionally it is a hybrid between the Gri-gri and the multitude of belay tubes.

The internerd seems to think it is a good thing though, e. So five stars for safety, two for frustration and learning curve.

Released from basic training, Liz, Pete and I have set onto the new plywood acreage like a pack of horny football players onto a drugged teenage beauty. Route after route went. OK that's enough of that The City Summit gym is amazingly varied, in fact it is like several gyms rolled into one. This is the result of several design features: the gym is divided into three separate bays which are almost completely separate from each other.

Each bay has a different decor and feel to it, and a huge variety of routes: flat faces, flat overhangs, overhanging aretes, exploded starburst things, built-in cracks. It will take me many visits to explore them all. We then decided to do some leads, generally exploring routes in the range, but there are some up to For this we needed to do a lead induction In some of these routes I found runouts, generally at the top, where I found myself doing dodgy balancy moves with the last draw below my feet.

Sometimes there was a bolt hanger in the middle of the runout but no draw in it. Upon querying this practice I received two answers from a jovial staff member: 1 We make it run out, like a real crag, eh and 2 you are meant to bring your own draw for the last bolt. I am still smarting from both of them.

Bob Gaines

Lets just say that I will be bringing my own draws now. City Summit has many groovy innovations: little beanbags scattered about the floor which are nice to sit on, rubber sprung floor like on outdoor playgrounds , decent music system with groovy chillout music to all the bays, open side garage door which lets in the cool evening air.

There are some peculiarities: whoever stocked the pro-shop seems fond of the colour orange and underdog brands, the staff have no view at all of the gym from the front counter or across the gym , there were no visible tables or chairs to put packs on or have pizza, there are no slo-go pulleys probably not necessary , harnesses are not allowed to be worn while bouldering this is to do with loops getting caught on holds rather than fashion police and the bouldering mushroom is an ankle-snapping 6m high.