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He was a boy adventurer who simply didn't amount to anything in adulthood. Sure, he's not a boy adventurer anymore, but he never specifically stopped the whole hero game, as evidenced by him trying to track down his therapist's killer. In fact, it seems like his fall to rock bottom was started because adventuring placed him around labs, magical voodoo, and regions with psychoactive substances. Who is arching Johnny though? Dr Z wouldnt waste his time on Action Johnny, he's nothing but a punk! If Dr Z was arching him, he would know it.

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A giant robot crab would rip the top off of his trailer and no less than 6 suicide troops will spill out of it! Dr Z would not strike through a civilian proxy, and he certainly wouldn't do it with a made up snake! No one, yet he was still assigned as Dr. Z's final arch.

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That's the point -- if Jonny was a valid target for this, surely Desmond would be as well. They wouldn't be able to count Johnny then, or Wide Whale's arch. His arch is even in Rocco's poker group, isn't he? I don't think it works that way.

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Perhaps infusion! Maybe the current Wonder Boy blacks out while the former Captain Sunshine carries him to a safe place and gets ready for the training in the morning.

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I think they both had the power when they worked togheter. Maybe whatever origin story they have is linked, and would explain why the therapy group Wonderboy was replaced when he became too old. That was Chip Scarsdale's presumably second Wonderboy, who Hank replaces later on, and is then replaced by the Wonderboy we see at the Clue Clown's funeral.

His first Wonderboy is the one we see in Rusty's therapy group who got too old. He was already old. He probably just passed away.

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Venture Bros has killed characters off screen before. If you're right I'm going to be really sad that u wont see Prest-o Change-o have a moment with Captain Sunshine. However, in the recent season when he is speaking to Red Death and others at the diner, he clearly believes Jonas was killed during the G1 massacre whom the OSI believed Sphinx to be responsible.

The ORB stuff starts happening and Brock really begins digging into the history of the old Venture bodyguards. He meets Kano, bodyguards killing their scientists is clearly on his mind, so Brock knows the official story but he also knows things can be faked. Everything else happens with it being revealed the ORB was broken all along Brock goes back to accepting the official story that Sphinx got Jonas.

Captain Sunshine

Read Death reveals the truth, Brock's mind is blown presumably he would have had the same freakout if Kano had said he killed Jonas back then. Very good point.

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Thus, causing his belief the OSI was chasing him down. I'm not saying the events as I laid them out are ultimately correct they are just how I reconciled things. When The Monarch led an assault on Sunshine's home while he was absent in his civilian job, Sunshine quickly returned out of concern for losing Hank, hijacking Action 5's news helicopter in the process.

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Afterward he was confronted by The Monarch, who was inadvertently dressed in a Wonder Boy costume. This triggered Sunshine to become psychologically unhinged, which the Monarch exploited. Furthermore, The Monarch, aware that Sunshine had no powers at night, attempted to burn Captain Sunshine with his own power using a ray gun made by his wife that would mimic Sunshine's solar burst.

However, he inadvertently charged up Sunshine's body, giving him the power to defeat The Monarch and his henchmen. After dealing with The Monarch, Sunshine was forced to say goodbye to Hank when Rusty Venture showed up to save his son. Captain Sunshine later showed up to save the wounded Desmond, who fought back against Henchman Zero. Just then the coffin sprung open with the Clue Clown hanging from a spring coming out of the coffin, which proved Captain Sunshine's suspicions of him wanting the last laugh.

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When the coffin was finally closed, Captain Sunshine had an emotional breakdown and cried over the coffin before it was buried. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Captain Sunshine The Venture Bros.