Calendrical Calculations

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Arithmetical Calendars: 2. The Gregorian calendar; 3.

The Julian calendar; 4. The Coptic and Ethiopic calendars; 5.

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The ISO calendar; 6. The Icelandic calendar; 7. The Islamic calendar; 8. The Hebrew calendar; 9. The Ecclesiastical calendars; The old Hindu calendars; The Mayan calendars; The Balinese Pawukon calendar; Generic Cyclical calendars; Part II. Astronomical Calendars: Time and astronomy; The Persian calendar; The Bah' calendar; The French Revolutionary calendar; Viewed times. Kyle Hayes Kyle Hayes 4, 6 6 gold badges 30 30 silver badges 45 45 bronze badges. An alternative approach might be to grap some calendars off the web, such as those at this site.

Changing Numerical Bases in Mesoamerican Calendrical Systems

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Calendrical Calculations (Third Edition)

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Astronomical Calendars. Time and Astronomy.

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The Bahai Calendar. The French Revolutionary Calendar. The Chinese Calendar. The Modern Hindu Calendars.

Calendrical calculations

Function Parameter and Constant Types. A2 Function Types.

A3 Constant Types and Values. Lisp Implementation.

B3 The EgyptianArmenian Calendars. B4 Cycles of Days. B5 The Gregorian Calendar. B6 The Julian Calendar.

Calendrical Calculations

B7 The Coptic and Ethiopic Calendars. B9 The Islamic Calendar. B10 The Hebrew Calendar.

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