Bible Warm-Ups: Questions and Answers for Adults and Teens

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Bible Warm-Ups: Questions and Answers for Adults and Teens

The team who finishes first wins. This can be more difficult if you use old-fashioned bubble bum, such as Bazooka. Let your imagination guide you in playing various games dedicated to the New Year. Have baby bottle races. Fill baby bottles with juice and players have to drink it to see who can finish first use 4-ounce bottles. Players can also have a baby buggy race to see who can cross a finish line first with a player pushing and the other player riding in a baby buggy stroller. Guess That Baby is another game where all attendees have to post a picture of themselves as babies on the wall.

Everyone has to guess who the babies are. Participating in age-appropriate board games can be a fun activity for youth group members.

I'm Margaret Feinberg.

Consider setting aside time during one gathering per month or quarter to dedicate to playing time-tested traditional or religious-theme board games. Fellowship is a favorite activity, especially for new members who don't know everyone. The following activities will help youth group members get to know each other better.

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These dinners require the members involved to visit each other's homes for a specific course of a meal. This activity will require parents or chaperones to be involved to assist with transportation. Each participant makes one course of the meal or provides a form of entertainment. This activity gets everyone involved, from the youth ministry leader to the parents and other members of each family.

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Plan to spend 20 minutes to a half-hour at each person's home. Assigned teams have to find an item that corresponds to each letter of the alphabet. This game works well outdoors in warm weather because the teams can get creative finding the items. As each team discovers an item, they have to get it approved by a youth leader.

Christian Icebreakers - Icebreaker Ideas

This game gets more difficult as the end of the alphabet approaches. The team that finishes the alphabet first or can find the most corresponding items wins. Thank you for sharing this ice breaker.

We really enjoyed sharing our answers to each other. How did you meet your spouse? What do you consider your best quality? What do you consider your worst quality? Thank you for this valuable information. Please pray for us! Thank you, I will be using one tonight for a small womens group. Everyone enjoyed this icebreaker. I also like one I was asked in a group which was, tell the group something about yourself that most people do not know about you. That led to many interesting funny respondes. Thanks again. Maybe I will just start using questions like this in everyday conversation.

Getting ready to start another Financial Peace class and was looking for more ice-breakers and I came across yours. I will definitely use the above questions.

Very welcoming and takes the pressure off. Here is one we are also using for our class: My name is? Write them down and refer to them by this for the rest of the evening. I am going to be a Christian cabin leader and I am so using these questions for my campers every night. Thank you. I am having a group of ladies at my home just for pure fellowship and I wanted something for us to talk about instead of kids, work, politics, these questions are great for conversations as well. Thanks so much. Just found this after searching the topic. One of the ones we used that lead to much discussion and interest was to ask each person to share something impressive about their spouse that most other do not know.

That was a great one and learned a lot about each other. The next week the ice breaker was somewhat the opposite — to share a quirk about their spouse. Keep in mind we prefaced this ice breaker to be careful and considerate to your spouse. But this one was hilarious and really brought the group much more closer and comfortable.

Definition & Meaning of Honesty

Laugh out loud Sometimes nothing beats a good old fashioned board game. Get started with these ideas. Do you have some Star Wars fans in your group? You can buy this online , or create one yourself from a list of Yoda quotes and verses from Proverbs. This game makes a great Bible Connection with Proverbs, but it can also be a discussion starter on the difference between Christianity and other belief systems.

All you need are some colored cotton balls. Make bookmarks for Bibles. Start out with blank paper or use one of these free templates. Have a variety of ribbons kids can choose from to personalize their bookmarks. For a creative twist, check out these ideas for more ways to use coloring pages. Make an ant farm—without the dirt! Black beans stand in for the ants in this simple craft you make with just four materials. Create these awesome handprint fish puppets.

Honesty Worksheets, Activities & Tests: Honesty & Integrity in Therapy

For a fun Bible connection to the story of Jonah, try these easy paper plate whales. Paper plates not your thing?

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  7. Mix it up with these egg carton whales. One last Jonah and the whale craft idea this might be my favorite : an adorable clothespin whale with Jonah inside!