Become a Freelance Writer: Your complete guide to the business of writing

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You can also find freelance writers for one-time writing gigs such as creating an instructional manual for technical products. Freelance writers may also work for multiple writing clients and can create content in a variety of different industries.

They may manage their own blog on the side and freelance writers have differing hours of availability and rates. In general, freelance writers are different from in-house employees in that they get paid per project and don't usually receive company benefits and perks. Freelance writers offer a wide range of services depending on the client's needs.

They can upload content into website platforms such as WordPress and can manage your company's online presence on social media and in sites such as LinkedIn. They can take over blog management and manage all social media accounts.

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Many freelance writers are also well-versed in SEO or search engine optimization. They can perform keyword research, which helps them narrow down the focus of content on topics that your potential customers find interesting or engaging. They can manage content step-by-step from keyword research to creating the content calendar and publication.

They also demonstrate exceptional writing skills and can save business owners time when it comes to creating content. Some freelancers can also provide ghostwriting services.

Your 12222 Guide on How to Become a Freelance Writer

This enables business owners to put their name directly on content, without having to spend the hours it takes to write and edit pieces. These ghostwriting services may extend to books and memoirs that can establish business owners as thought leaders in the industry. Companies have several options when it comes to hiring freelance writers. They can take the process internal and use the company HR department to find and vet potential new writers.

Companies can also post ads on job boards or reach out to content mills. Content agencies such as Izea provide a wide range of content writing services for both small business and large corporations. You let them know what type of content you want to be created and what you expect from a writer and they take over the rest. The content agency will handle all the little details such as due dates and editing and you receive the final product for a quick review.

This is often a time and money-saving option, but quality can vary depending on the agency. Companies can post freelance writing jobs and writing assignments on job boards such as Indeed. Job boards increase your reach and you'll typically receive hundreds of submissions. The downside here is that there is no quality control and you'll have to personally sift through the applicants to find the best fit.

You can also share your freelance business needs on marketplaces. Writers often use these platforms to promote their freelance writing business. Their profiles serve as mini-portfolios and you can see who they've worked with before in their freelance writing career. Freelance marketplaces such as Upwork offer a blended version of job boards and content mills.

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You can post a job ad and receive hundreds of applicant submissions and check out writing portfolios and recommendations from past writing clients. Some marketplaces including Upwork feature algorithms that ensure you see the best freelancers for your needs first. They'll also send a list of qualified writers to help you narrow down your search. Freelance marketplaces also make it easy to pay and hire writers.

The marketplaces feature built-in services to help you conduct interviews and see applicants' writing samples. All payments are processed over the platform so you don't have to worry about setting up a payment method. You also have the benefit of quality guarantees and dispute resolution services if any issues arise.

For premium content, businesses can use writing agency services such as The Writer Finder to hire freelancers. These agencies comb through writer databases and find writers that are tailored to fit your specific needs. However, you might also think about using websites like Upwork and Fiverr to find quick wins with clients who may not require such a significant portfolio, in order to build up some evidence of past work — and get paid for it in the process.

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Next, you need to find some clients! You might like to start with the platforms like Upwork that we mentioned earlier, as these are simple ways to bid for and secure work.

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How to Start a Freelance Writing Business

Try looking on job search sites like Guardian Careers , and make sure that you are signed up with a few freelance recruitment agencies. You can find more help in our step-by-step guide to building a business website. This is important whether you are billing by the hour or by the project, as it will help to ensure that you know exactly how much time is being taken up with each client, and how profitable each working relationship is.

There is a range of free time-tracking apps available online, but Toggl is one of the simplest, and will allow you to keep track of multiple projects and clients easily. Tax is boring, but registering as self-employed is an important necessity. Read more about the self-employed tax deadlines.

Finally, you should make sure that you are properly protected. Freelance writers might not think that they need insurance, but there are a range of risks that you need to think about. For example, if you regularly come into contact with clients or members of the public, you should take out public liability insurance.

How to Become a Freelance Writer: A Newbie’s Guide to Earn Money Writing

If you give advice to clients, you should consider professional indemnity insurance. It may depend on things such as the type of advice you offer, or whether you have sign-off, however. Still unsure if freelancing is for you? Why not take a look now and build a quick, tailored freelancers insurance quote? When is the Self Assessment deadline for ? How much does professional indemnity insurance cost?

Decide what you want to write about The first step is to identify the areas in which you want to write. Learn how to pitch Pitching is a crucial skill in virtually every area of freelance writing. Identify clients Next, you need to find some clients! Register as self-employed Tax is boring, but registering as self-employed is an important necessity. Get insured Finally, you should make sure that you are properly protected.

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