Diet and weight loss with thai food Thai chilli paste.

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Great fruits are everywhere in Thailand and are more widely in demand than in the US. With great fruit now available here year round, choosing fruit instead of chips or other snacks is an easy choice to copy. Because most of cooked rice is water, it fills you up without supplying many calories.

While this may sound counterproductive, in a society where people have the tendency to eat too much, it's a successful way to get "full" without the calories. Other similar examples of filling foods include oatmeal and couscous. Many Thai dishes pack so much flavor per square inch or cm that you have to eat them on rice. There's frequently so much salt, hot pepper or other flavorings that eating the dishes by the raw spoonful is unpleasant.

The food needs the rice. Since rice is mostly water, all things being equal, there ends up being more flavor per calorie of Thai food. You get the same level of tastes as a western dish without the calories. See how you can mix high flavor foods with low calorie fillers. Generally these high flavor foods are savory.

Thai examples are abundant. You could, for example, serve smaller portions of steak and rice, with kim chee, Indian cilantro relish, or a hot pepper sauce. I love good cheese. However in Thai food, there is no milk, cheese or butter. All calories add up. Coconut milk is perhaps the Thai analogue to dairy, but coconut milk is not nearly as prevalent in Thai food as cheese, butter or cream are in western foods.

Enjoy this tasty green curry as part of a plan that will get you ripped

Ask most western chefs: what's the secret ingredient that makes people love a dish? What makes western desserts good? Lesson: pick dishes without dairy. Don't butter every pancake. Try toast with just jam. You'll be surprised what you need and don't need. In western food, the olive oil, butter or other fat provides a smoothing and filling aspect of many dishes. For me, lasagna with non-fat cheese is inedible. Because the Thai food flavor system's complexity comes from mixing flavor intense ingredients, like fish sauce and lime and hot peppers, there's no need for a fat.

Thai Cuisine - Potential Health Benefits

If fat is a bottom flavor that pulls spices together, many Thai dishes are comprised of top flavors without need for a bottom. In general, look for dishes that don't depend on added fats and avoid the oilier dishes. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, through links in this post. See my Disclosure. If you like Thai food, you have got to try this soup! I shred chicken breast, add red pepper, shiitake mushrooms, coconut milk and Thai red curry paste to make this dish super flavorful.


This Low Carb soup only takes 30 minutes from start to finish and has quickly become a favorite of mine! Take the piece of lemongrass and hit it a few times with the back of your knife. This will release the flavor into the soup, which really adds so much! Deglaze the pan with the chicken stock I used the remaining poaching stock, along with more chicken stock. Simmer for 15 minutes, uncovered.

The Siam Weight Loss Diet

The soup will still have tremendous flavor, but will be a bit milder. Recipe Rating.

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If you train ONCE a day, times a week, you can get away with eating 2 times a day just fine. Read my article about Intermittent Fasting — this is the diet I followed for years here in Thailand while training. Train twice a day and you can still eat 2 times a day, but you may find 3 meals a day works better.

It depends on your body.

You have at least a calorie deficit just from activities. Add in another calories defecit from training and you need to eat about calories a day just to keep your weight.

What I Eat In A Day - Glute Isolation - Thai Curry Recipe (Low Calorie)

That means almost 2, calories per each meal if you have 2 meals, which is a LOT of food to eat. Or rice Noodles with Curry fish sauce. I make this a lot for my staff often we live in a pretty isolated area , but it can be purchased all over Thailand both at street stalls and road side restaurants.

It can be a bit confusing for new comers because the ordering process is not entirely obvious at a glance. The sauce is primarily Krachai a form of Ginger , chilly, and yes, some coconut cream but not a lot generally, its not meant to be creamy and a protein, generally Pla tu, but if you make it yourself canned tuna is perfect.

This is simply poured over rice noodles less carbs than rice and as much fresh veggis as you chose to take generally an awesome array of herbs and veggis , all fresh not cooked. It is actually very easy to order, chose a sauce, stick with the fish sauce yellowish as it will be the least hot others may blow your head off , the vender will pour this over the noodles and deliver it to you at table stacked with fresh veggis from which you are free to mix with your dish as profusely as you can. Generally the cost is 40 baht. By all means, thanks for the recommendation. I believe they like serving it especially in the south.

Great article! Thanks for putting such a thorough article together! If you are training hard, and NOT trying to cut weight, you can take some extra calories and a little sugar. I love Thai food but also supplement with home cooked food I prepare myself. I go to Super Tesco and buy a slow-cooker, an electric heating pan, tupperware and cutting board plus knife etc you can create a makeshift kitchen. I go to the butcher shop and buy new zealand lamb chops, australian or thai beef, pork roasts even whole ducks.

I coat the cooker with olive oil, add the meat, chop up veggies, garlic, peppers, onion, and ginger. This cooks up in about 3 hours. I store in tupperware and heat up with the heating pan. Thailand does not use crockery-style slow cookers so I will bring my own with me next time I go. Universally what they are selling are metal rice cookers which also work, but too fast.

Thai food is awesome, no doubt. I still need to supplement with home cooking. Thanks for the write-up, I will be back soon! Good tips there Bill, thanks for the comment. I hope to write a few more healthy thai food articles in the future! Thanks Ben! Som Tum is not really low carb, unless you ask them not to put the palm sugar, or just a small touch in it. They cannot believe someone not wanting it sweet.

Or if you want a little make sure you monitor that. I have them put extra lime juice.